Paul Armstrong


Paul Armstrong, better known as PAR throughout the online industry, is experienced data security and Chargeback mitigation who has been working with top tier companies in ecommerce for more than 2 decades. His seminar at this conference will discuss the many ways to mitigate charghebacks and recover lost revenues. Saving your company money and turn your existing revenue streams into the massive profit engines you are seeking to build right now.

11.00 - 11.45 AM

Tuesday 18th June

The evolving dynamics of dispute resolution solutions for chargebacks before and after transactions

Location: Fortfield Room

Discussion on the dynamic evolution of chargeback and dispute resolution solutions. Delving into the transformative approaches reshaping how merchants and financial institutions address disputes before and after transactions. We will explore the latest strategies that are enhancing the efficiency of these processes, focusing on the integration of data analytics, Ethoca Alerts, Consumer Clarity, CDRN, RDR, Order Insight, Compelling Evidence 3.0.... These innovations are not only expediting dispute resolutions but also fortifying the trust between online consumers and sellers.